Portugal Azores Terceira Milk Man

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Portugal Azores Terceira Milk Man

Portuguese doll from the Azores autonomous region wearing traditional costume. Size around 19 cm. With original tags 'Feito em Portugal Acores' & 'Mascotes de Maria Helena'.

Also with explaining text:
'Terceira Island (Azores) - Milk Man. Characteristic costume worn in Azores Islands, still worn in Terceira by the Milk Men. They put their "cedenho" (rope) across their shoulders in order either to tie the calf to the cow's leg while this is being milked, or to tie the "cabacas" (gourds) to the end of the "bordao" (stick) when this is on their shoulder. This costume is also worn by the herdsmen or shepherds during the bull-fights "a corda". This typical bull-fight is the most popular amusement in Azores and takes place only in Teceira which is the only island in the hole Atlantic where there is wild cattle'.

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