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NCDC huh?

NCDC is short for the National Costume Doll Collection. Wow this collection is large! It includes more than 2000 dolls from all over the world. Josien Buijs found her first doll at a fleemarket back in 1996 and now suffers from lack of space. So be warned, it's addictive! And oh yeah, Josien collects books and postcards too. Topic? National costumes of course. Lucky for you the NCDC website never runs out of space. So enjoy this ever growing source of pictures and information.


The Dolls

Collecting national costume dolls, yeah okay. Isn't that just a nice little hobby for middle-aged women?! Known as foreign dolls, ethnic dolls, regional dolls, folk dolls, international dolls, souvenir dolls, native dolls, tribal dolls or whatever; what's so special about these dolls?

Well, each doll tells a story by it's costume. National costume dolls keep local culture and tradition alive. People use them for educational, religious and ritual purposes. They can also be reminders of a beloved hero or historical event. They are more than just a cheap souvenir from a popular holiday country. That's why we show them to the public. And especially to you!



Poppen means Dolls and Topper means uh, Topper! The name says it all. In 2005 Josien sold a small part of her collection through eBay, because of this lack of space thing. Yay, that was succesful! Reason enough to open her own webshop in 2008 and let eBay go. But she kept her dutch eBay nickname as name for the shop. Poppentopper.com it is ever since. Shop till you drop over there, but please keep in mind that the NCDC is a private collection and therefore not for sale.


Dry Facts

Owner: Josien Buijs Female 11-07-1964
Location: Amsterdam The Netherlands
Number of Dolls: Still Counting

NCDC since 1996
NCDC Website since 1997
Poppentopper eBay 2005 - 2010
Poppentopper Shop since 2008
Exhibtions since 2009

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