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The National Costume Doll Collection

The National Costume Doll Collection

Let more than 2000 dolls take you on a journey around the world. Along the way you’ll come across stories about clothes, people, culture and traditions. Immerse yourself in fabulous folklore.

Bon voyage. Have a nice trip!

Hey, I’m Josien!

I found my first doll at a flea market back in 1996 and now suffer from lack of space. So be warned, it’s addictive!

Happy collecting,

Start exploring the NCDC

The National Costume Doll Collection (NCDC in short) is a collection of dolls dressed in traditional ethnic clothing. Call them regional or foreign dolls, give them a name, international souvenir dolls, whatever you like. They come from every part of the world. Almost every part, because there is always something to be desired.

I’m Josien Buijs and this is my collection. It all started with an accidental find at a flea market. And now look where this has led to! With more than 2000 pieces I have an overcrowded house, this NCDC website as doll showcase, a FaceBook group for identifying dolls and a professional webshop. All because of these gorgeous dolls. It must be my destiny.

Look around and enjoy

You’ll find dolls in all shapes and sizes, from early to modern, from well made to primitive. They reflect scenes of daily life, of celebration, performing arts, rituals and much more. You’ll be surprised by all the different looks and styles.

All dolls are photographed like fashion models and described in detail. There’s information about origin, the clothes they wear, what they represent. A postcard matches each doll to show how the costume is – or used to be – worn in real life.

And, to make this an even more fun experience than it already is, a little folk tune is included in all descriptions. You’re happy now, right?

In the Spotlight

Below a few top pieces, or at least I think so myself. They deserve to be noticed. Also some recent additions to this website so you can see at a glance what’s new. Doesn’t mean these are my latest finds because proper research and documentation does take time.

Join my doll ID Group

Like most collectors, I love to connect with like-minded people. If you feel the same then join my National Costume Doll ID Group on Facebook. The group will not only tell you where your doll is from but also gives room for admiring each other’s dolls and information sharing is high on the agenda. See you there! If you’re not a group person there is always my Facebook page to follow.

Poppentopper webshop

You can offer me diamonds but no, sorry, my dolls are going nowhere. I can point you in the one and only right direction though, my shop Take a peek there, lovely dolls are waiting for a caring new home. Your home!

Poppentopper is Dutch. Poppen means ‘dolls’ and topper is something like ‘you are the best’. Yay, I’m poppentopper!

Fall in love with dolls!

First, take a look around and enjoy all my unique and beautiful dolls. Next, complete your own collection with a doll from my webshop If that’s still not enough then join my National Costume Doll ID Group on Facebook. Fall in love with foreign costume dolls like me, there’s much to learn and appreciate!

Happy collecting,

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