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Dolls from all different parts of the world

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Large Collection from the UK Coming In

Large Collection from the UK Coming In

We received a collection of dolls packed in 5 huge boxes end of november 2018

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Uganda Kampala

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Portugal Minho

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DR Congo

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Vietnam Sapa

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Rwanda Intore

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Japan Kokeshi

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Japan Bride

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Czechia Moravia

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  • Netherlands
  • Uganda Kampala
  • Portugal Minho
  • Senegal
  • DR Congo
  • Vietnam Sapa
  • Rwanda Intore
  • Japan Kokeshi
  • Japan Bride
  • Czechia Moravia

Dolls From All Over The World

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Dolls from the World

55 Different Countries

  • 331 Dolls 16%

Dolls from Oceania

5 Different Countries

  • 15 Dolls 1%

Dolls from Africa

14 Different Countries

  • 77 Dolls 3%

Dolls from America

13 Different Countries

  • 42 Dolls 2%

Dolls from Europe

12 Different Countries

  • 90 Dolls 4%

Dolls from Asia

11 Different Countries

  • 107 Dolls 6%