Contact me

Contact me

Hi, can we get in touch? Hello hello! Is anyone out there? Speak to me. Communicate. Become acquainted and let’s talk about dolls.

Drop me a line

Send a word out, make small talk or get down to serious business.

Hi there!

So now that you found me get in touch! Before you spontaneously throw out an email to I want you to read this first:

The do’s

Give me some feedback and correct little mistakes because I’m only human. Share your thoughts or just say something nice. I’m fishing for compliments. Hire me for a project or give me a place to exhibit my dolls. Show your collection and make me green with envy. Rehome your dolls, here’s room for more. Ask questions, send pictures and beg for help. Anything. As long as it’s doll-related you always get an answer. Promise!

The don’ts

Don’t ask if the dolls shown on this website are for sale. I know you are eager but they are not going anywhere. They stay here with me. They are mine, mine, mine!

Also, I’m not an appraiser. I’m not going to tell you how much your doll is worth. No need to bother me with questions about value. I have more important things to do. Like filling in this website. And maintaining my webshop. You could visit my shop if you want to buy dolls. That’s definitively a do! Come to think of it I should have mentioned that under the do’s. Oh well, you get my drift.

The maybe’s

Like most collectors, I love to connect with like-minded people. If you feel the same then join my National Costume Doll ID Group on Facebook. The group will not only tell you where your doll is from but also gives room for admiring each other’s dolls and information sharing is high on the agenda. See you there! If you’re not a group person there is always my Facebook page to follow.

Happy collecting,