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The NCDC in the spotlight, out in the real world. With dolls to love, costumes to admire. Rooms full of color. Impressed visitors. Me, a proud collector. All in all amazing experiences!

Hire the NCDC

When you’re done with:
Empty space
Lack of color
Boring objects

Stunning museum pieces

Most dolls are now stored away in boxes, invisible and anonymous. A few chosen ones rest on homely shelves facing their worst enemy: dust. If you think it’s time to give them a place to shine again then contact me. Your space will be taken over by the most colorful national costume dolls you’ve ever seen. Stunning museum pieces if I say so myself.

May 2011

March 2010

July 2009

August 2008

Fall in love with dolls!

First, take a look around and enjoy all my unique and beautiful dolls. Next, complete your own collection with a doll from my webshop If that’s still not enough then join my National Costume Doll ID Group on Facebook. Fall in love with foreign costume dolls like me, there’s much to learn and appreciate!

Happy collecting,

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