Zimbabwe Harare Doll Stirring Sadza Pot

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Zimbabwe Harare Doll Stirring Sadza Pot

Doll made of resin representing a woman making Sadza (cooked maize meal, the most common food in Zimbabwe) while stirring in a cooking pot placed on a fire. She is carrying a baby on the back. With original paper label attached that reads: 'Dolls of Zimbabwe, An authentic souvenir and unique gift, Collect them (front). We certify that each doll is unique and individually hand-modelled and crafted in our Zimbabwe studio. The people of our country have inspired Trish Syer, the artist/designer to create this valuable doll depicting the activities of rural and urban life in Africa (inside). Style No. 22/1, Syer Dollcrafts, Harare, Zimbabwe (back)'. Size around 20 cm.

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