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Doll donation

Doll donation

Don’t leave your dolls lying around useless in the attic but let them be admired again. Pass them on to the National Costume Doll Collection! Here’s a welcoming home.

Consider donating

If you have:
No interest in dolls
No space left
Stopped collecting
Inherited a collection

All dolls deserve to be loved

I received several generous gifts over the years. People wanted their dolls to end up well, to be really appreciated and loved by someone. And that someone is me. So if you’re planning to rehome your dolls think about me. Your dolls will be cherished. And I’ll be eternally grateful to you. Be sure of that.

Send me an email with pictures of what you have and we’ll work something out!

Fall in love with dolls!

First, take a look around and enjoy all my unique and beautiful dolls. Next, complete your own collection with a doll from my webshop If that’s still not enough then join my National Costume Doll ID Group on Facebook. Fall in love with foreign costume dolls like me, there’s much to learn and appreciate!

Happy collecting,

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