Doll reference books

Doll reference books

Yay, thanks to the NCDC you’ve become a real national costume doll expert! But like normal people, you may want to read a regular book before going to sleep. Here are a few titles to keep you awake.

Never a dull moment

Look at pictures, read some background information. This list helps you on your way.

Must-reads for bookworms

Maybe someday the NCDC will publish the ultimate superthick complete and accurate doll reference book. A classic work that beats all standards. Yes brilliant idea! For now you’ll have to do with this humble book list. Books I have gathered together over the years.

Fall in love with dolls!

First, take a look around and enjoy all my unique and beautiful dolls. Next, complete your own collection with a doll from my webshop If that’s still not enough then join my National Costume Doll ID Group on Facebook. Fall in love with foreign costume dolls like me, there’s much to learn and appreciate!

Happy collecting,