Privacy Policy

Of course no one reads this privacy policy because dolls are much more fun… But it’s required to have one so here we go. The National Costume Doll Collection (from now on NCDC in short) wants you to know a few things:


When you send us an email you share your name and email address with us. Maybe even your location, home address or PayPal information if you want to make us happy with a bunch of dolls you found in the attic.


We love to connect and share knowledge, don’t you? So when you use the social media related to the NCDC website to interact with us, you may share your name, profile or your very interesting posts and pictures.


To satisfy our curiosity we use Google Analytics to track our website traffic. To see if we can reach you properly. Because we want the whole world to visit us and know it!


The NCDC website has links to other websites so when you leave us to follow these links it’s bye bye and our privacy policy no longer applies. What a relief.

Third Parties

So now that you did read this after all we can honestly say that we never share the information we may have about you with third parties. Be sure that we store your data safely.


If ever we need to update this privacy policy we will let you know about that here, on our NCDC website. But for now we are too busy collecting dolls, taking pictures and documenting them for you to enjoy.

Now go to the really fun part and explore our collection here.