Bermuda Doll St. George’s by Marie Gleeson

Folk doll made of natural materials. With original label attached that reads: ‘I come from Bermuda, The Isles of Sunshine. I’m dressed in banana and native screw pine.’ The label gives no maker’s name but a Google search comes up with Marie Gleeson, of Featherbed Alley in St. George’s, Bermuda. Marie Gleeson’s dolls are replicas of 18th-century Bermudian ladies. This doll seems to be missing a basket filled with colored seeds. The remains of a parasol are stil there.

Folklore is in the air… uhm… ear!


Object Folk doll
Origin Bermuda, St. George's
Culture Unknown
Medium Banana leaves, screw pine, walnut, dried flowers
Mark or Tag Paper tag
Made by Marie Gleeson
Size H 22 cm
Dates from 1950's - 1960's
Acquired ?


No postcard available. There should be a nice postcard here that matches this doll, to show you how the people living in Bermuda are dressed in their traditional costume.

There is nothing suitable in our postcard books at the moment, too bad!

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