November 2015 Winner of the Dutch Collector Award

On November 21, 2015 I was invited to go to the Verzamelaarsjaarbeurs (Annual Collectors Fair) in Utrecht as one of the nominees for the Dutch Collector Award 2015. Only my very first doll went with me as a representative because it was a bit too much to bring my entire collection. And yesss, I won the award!

After this once-in-a-lifetime moment of fame I set off to do the real fun stuff; searching for new dolls at the fair. Not easy, as most of the items were heavily overpriced but I came home with… drumroll… 2 Bamum dolls from Cameroon as a well deserved present to myself.

Here’s the jury report:

Josien Buijs is the winner of the Dutch Collector Award 2015 in the catagory ‘Ladies older than 18’. The jury (editors of Verzamelen Magazine) has chosen Josien Buijs because:

  • Collecting is not only ‘to have’ but is more than that; she knows how to document and visualize the cultural history and traditions related to all national costumes in an informative and attractive way.
  • She profiles herself very actively by showcasing her collection and sharing her knowledge internationally with other interested people.
  • Within her field of collecting she preserves and cultivates knowledge about traditions, whereby her dolls appeal to both young and old.
  • Josien’s advise to others: ‘Be selective, don’t spend to much. Set yourself a goal or focus on one part of your interest. Go for quality over quantity. And have fun with your collection, let yourself be guided by what you love’.

Happy collecting,