Australia Doll Aboriginal Child

This doll was made as merchandise inspired by the work of artist and illustrator Brownie Downing (1924-1995). It’s a doll made of stockinette holding a kangaroo, representing an Aboriginal child. Aboriginals are the indigenous people of Australia. ‘From Mrs. Anny Fraser … Bindego, Victoria, Australia. Doll … 16th march 1971’ is in handwriting under her stand (not pictured).

Folklore is in the air… uhm… ear!


Object Artist inspired souvenir doll
Origin Australia
Culture Aboriginal Australian
Medium Fabric, wire, wood, plastic, mohair
Mark or Tag Handwriting
Made in Japan (?)
Size H 24 cm
Dated 1971
Acquired ?


Here's a postcard that matches this doll. It shows how the people living in Australia are dressed in their traditional costume.

Text on the back of the postcard: 'Australian Aborigines. Aboriginal musicians with music sticks and didgeridoo'. No visible date.

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