Bahrain National Costume Dolls

Matching pair of dolls wearing traditional dress of Bahrain. This type of doll is made in India but dressed to represent the arab Kingdom of Bahrain, an island country in the Persian Gulf. The male is wearing a cloak or bisht for formal occasions over a striped cotton shirt and trousers. The headscarf called ghutra is held in place by the agal, a thick double black cord. The female is wearing a black cloak called abaya over western style clothing. A veil covers her face.

Folklore is in the air… uhm… ear!


Object Arab dolls in formal attire
Origin Bahrain
Culture Unknown
Medium Pressed material, fabric, wire, ribbon, cord
Mark or Tag None
Made in India
Size H 30 cm
Dated Not dated
Acquired Online end 1990's


Here's a postcard that matches these dolls. It shows how the people living in Bahrain are dressed in their traditional costume.

Text on the front of the postcard: 'Bahraini (Background refinery)'. Postmark unclear. No visible date.

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