Bulgaria Dolls Burgas & Sofia Lazarki Girl

Two dolls made in Bulgaria, not a matching pair but they go well together. On the right a Bulgarian Lazarki girl dressed in the festive costume of the Sofia region with original label attached. On Lazarki (Lazarus) day young girls take part in spring fertility dances around their village, all dressed up in regional costumes with their hair richly decorated with flowers, ribbons etc. showing they are ready to get married. On the left a Bulgarian male shepherd or sheepherder doll, marked ‘Burgas’ on the bottom of his stand. If he is made by a company in Burgas or if he is wearing the costume of Burgas remains to be clarified.

Folklore is in the air… uhm… ear!


Object Dolls wearing traditional costumes
Origin Bulgaria, Burgas & Sofia
Culture Unknown
Medium Fabric, wood, wire, yarn, leather, ribbon, feathers, sequins
Mark or Tag Paper label & printed on
Made by Unknown
Size H 25 cm
Dated Not dated
Acquired ?


Here’s a postcard that matches one of these dolls. It shows how the people living in Bulgaria are dressed in their traditional costume.

Text on the back of the postcard: ‘Atanaska Taneva. Actrice, lauréate de concours ‘Elin Péline’. Schauspielerin, Preisträgerin des Wettbewerbes ‘Elin Pelin’. Actriz, premiada en el concurso ‘Elin Perin”. Not dated.

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