Bulgaria Dolls Kukeri

Two Bulgarian Kukeri dolls (singular Kuker). Kukeri perform ritual dances to scare away evil spirits and bring good luck. Costumes are made of hairy goat or sheep skin, with horned animal masks and large bells attached to the belt. The stick with the black yarn is made by me because it was missing. Much later I found out that it should have red strips of fabric, like the strips on top of his head, not black yarn. Perhaps the other stick is not original as well but it came with the doll.

Folklore is in the air… uhm… ear!


Object Ritual dolls
Origin Bulgaria
Culture Unknown
Medium Fabric, wood, ribbon, leather, yarn, metal, sequins
Mark or Tag None
Made by Unknown
Size H 23 cm
Dated Not dated
Acquired Fleemarket end 1990's


Here's a postcard that matches this doll. It shows how the people living in Bulgaria are dressed in their traditional costume.

Text on the back of the postcard: 'Bulgaria, Folklore Bulgare. 1 Kouker. 2 Ensemble de musique folklorique. 3 Lazarka. 4 Horo (Ronde)'. Postmark 1972.

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