South Korea Dolls Saekdongot Hanbok

Two Korean dolls, a boy and girl wearing the saekdongot Hanbok with the typical colorful stripes. The male on the left has an A-frame back carrier on his back (Jige) which is used by farmers to transport large amounts of goods. But in this case the jige contains some flowers. The female is holding the same kind of flower. It surely is a romantic scene!

Folklore is in the air… uhm… ear!


Object Dolls wearing traditional costume
Origin South Korea
Culture Unknown
Medium Cloth over wire, fabric, styrofoam, yarn, plastic, wood, beads, cord
Mark or Tag None
Made by Unknown
Size H 26 cm
Dates from Not dated
Acquired Fleemarket late 1990's


Here's a postcard that matches these dolls. It shows how the people living in South Korea are dressed in their traditional costume.

Text on the back of the postcard: 'Korea: kinderkoor'. Foster Parents Plan card of a Korean children's choir. Not dated.

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